Music Videos
I was a music video director for 10 years.  Here’s a selection of some of my work.


The stunt shoot for this video was so much fun + the video earned a Vimeo Staff Pick.

Michael Canitrot

Despite the warnings about shooting with animals, I gotta say I love working with cats.

Yann Tiersen

Ask me what it was like shooting with Andy Dick sometime.

Kavinsky II

They were happy with the first one so they came back for more, this time a fight scene.

The Fray

These guys were super nice, and it was a lot of fun to shoot on the water.


This was part of a series of spots we did at The Directors Bureau Special Projects.

Puro Instinct

This was a crazy night, and I love Piper so much.


Weirdly, Kodak did a magazine article on how we processed the 16mm for this look (?!).

True Religion

These were a series of spots piggybacked on a fashion shoot. 


Yasmine and I have been good friends since before we were old enough to drink.