In early 2020, I worked as the Creative Director and Lead Animator on a Chanel spot directed by Roman and Sofia Coppola.  The 30 second spot was made entirely of animated cutouts derived from the luxury brand’s rich lineage.  Chanel opened their vault for us to scan beautifully detailed fabric samples, vintage buttons, lavish jewelry and classic photos of the many faces of Chanel.  Nearly a thousand different images come together, arranged in a sort of rapidly moving, ever changing collage that tells a playful, abstract version of Chanel’s history.  If you’re the kind of person who likes to get the play-by-play behind the scenes, I’ve written a little retrospective you can view here.


I started my career as an Associate CD at The Directors Bureau.  We did a lot of cool projects, but I’m most proud of the work we did for influential French electronic musician Kavinsky, in part because it began as a simple phone call from the label asking for photographer recommendation but ended up blossoming into a bigger project spanning 2 music videos, a fake movie trailer, 12 glossy photographs and an album cover.  I did the concept, photography, and directed the videos.  

Outrun Album Cover
The album cover was conceived as the soundtrack to an imaginary film starring Kavinsky as the character he invented for his persona: an undead zombie who drives a Ferrari Testarossa.  The additional photographs were staged as the type of production stills you might encounter inside an old soundtrack LP.  They told a loose story but left enough empty space for the viewer’s imagination to fill in the gaps.

Protovision Music Video
The Protovision video was intended to look like an excerpt from the imaginary Outrun film featuring a car chase between the Ferrari Testarossa and an unmarked cop driving a Mustang.  It was a lot of fun shooting the car stunts.  Despite the improbability of this match-up, a number of car blogs wrote about the video which made me smile.  The video snagged a Vimeo Staff Pick.

Odd Look Music Video
Kavinsky was so happy with the first video so much that he came back to the states to shoot a second video with me.

Outrun Teaser Trailer
We also made a fake teaser trailer for the imaginary film.


The Intersection of Film and Music
In December 2018, Red Bull Music asked me to be one of the main creatives and programmers for their first film festival set to coincide with their annual music festival in LA.  In February 2019, we launched Center Channel--celebrating the intersection of film and music, featuring an eclectic mix of live performance, rare film, sneak peaks, premieres, and deep dive interviews all centered at the historic Ukrainian in Hollywood.  

The festival ran for nearly 2 weeks.  Some highlights included:

• The 12 piece Sun Ra Arkestra performing a rare west coast live score to their 1974 film Space is the Place. 

• Drag icon Lady Bunny’s performed before a screening of Wigstock. 

• Legendary grunge era doom metal band Earth live scored Haxan.  

• Man Parrish led us thru a history of the synthesizer in adult movies.

• Penelope Spheeris hosted a reunion of cast from Decline of Western Civilization.

In addition to conceptualizing the programming and booking the films/acts, I also made the schedule flyer and cut the trailer.  


Former Art House Theatre Institution
For nearly a decade, Cinefamily was Los Angeles’s premiere art house institution--influencing cinematheques worldwide with its fresh take on public exhibition and breathing new life into the concept of film curation as an art form.  Though it‘s now long gone, having closed under a firestorm of controversy, I’m proud of the work I did there as an employee.

I had done one-off shows and motion graphics design at Cinefamily as a volunteer since early days, but I was offered a job in 2015 when I officially came on as a creative director.  One of the first things I did was make a logo animation for our film releases.

Belladonna of Sadness
In 2015, Cinelicious Pics asked our recommendation for rare films worthy of restoration.  The first film we selected was 1974’s lost masterpiece The Belladonna of Sadness.  Having been a fan of this film for over a decade, I was thrilled to work on promotion for the release, making the poster and official trailer.

I wanted the film’s trailer to be seen as it’s own individual work of art, so I came up with a unique visual concept for the trailer based on traveling mattes.

Funeral Parade of Roses
Cinelicious partnered with us again for the restoration of Funeral Parade of Roses.  Again, I was a huge fan of the film so I was honored to make this trailer for the release.  This is a pretty good example of my editing style.

Posters & Trailers One of my responsiblities was to determine how to market our original events and supply a steady stream of posters and trailers.  Here’s a bunch of examples.

Original Programming & Interviews Another major part of the job was creating original programs and interviewing guests in front of large audiences.  One of my special skills is I actually enjoy talking in front of large groups of people.  I don’t get nervous.  

George Clinton Live
This is a live interview I did with George Clinton and Flying Lotus.
Most Outrageous Video Games on Twitch In 2015, Twitch asked me to do an A/V presentation on the craziest video games ever made as part of the pre show for E3.  


It’s Funny, It’s Art, It’s Music, It’s Infotainment and It’s Free.
EXP TV is a live tv channel broadcasting an endless stream of obscure media and video ephemera 24/7. It’s a never-ending video collage featuring wild, rare, unpredictable, and ever-changing archival clips touching on every subject imaginable.  The full channel with audio is here.

I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with not only the curation of EXP TV but also the look of the branding.